About Us

Connaught Construction has had experience within the Civil Engineering/ Construction Industry through several generations and specialise in Groundwork’s, Road & Sewers, Retaining Structures and Reinforced Concrete.

 We have recently expanded our sphere of operations with investment in professional expertise modern plant and equipment and the development of its already comprehensive level of skilled tradesmen and operatives.

Our staff and site operatives are qualified and certified to the highest levels and combined with our company’s policy of constant improvement through training and certification continues in our opinion to offer the highest possible service to our clients whilst maintaining the most cost effective and safe methods of working demanded by all our employers.

Connaught has the capability to work closely with our clients to re-engineer costly projects offering innovative solutions, making cost savings throughout the process whilst maintaining both quality and Safety.

We have in house engineers using robotic stations to produce quick and highly accurate data to allow our 3D modelling software to suggest ways to minimise spoil removal. Provide accurate setting out and quality control. This leads to both a quality product at the lowest price, carried out in the minimum, of time.C.

Located in Leeds within easy access to the comprehensive motorway network our offices provide fully detailed estimates produced by customised estimating software backed by over 40 years experience within the industry.